Life through a view finder

About Carmen

I’m always surrounded by family and friends and I can’t help but look around me and see a life in pictures. I love spending time with my three kids exploring and finding new and beautiful places for photoshoots. I enjoy being outdoors exploring what nature has to offer and breathing in the fresh air. 

I grew up as a military brat, always traveling every few years. I was able to experience many different cultures and have acquired friends from many different countries. I also served in the military and took my camera everywhere I could.

Photography has been a part of my life since high school. My mom and dad gave me their old Yashica FX-103 film camera to shoot with and I kept that camera my whole life. Many cameras have come and gone since, but I still take that one out every now and then for a shoot. I feel like those old cameras have memories of every beautiful thing they have ever shot. 

There is nothing I'd rather be doing than taking a great photo, I feel like that is my purpose. I want to show people the beauty I see and draw those smiles out from within.

This is your big day, whether it's your Wedding, Engagement, or a simple family session, I know how important this is for you and I'm here to add to that day. A great photo is more than just a click of a button, it captures your perfect moment, a freeze frame in time that is unique because it is so fleeting. No two photos are the same, just as no two moments are.

I understand the emotions and butterflies that come to you during your session. It's my job to not only capture that perfect moment, but put you at ease and bring joy to your experience with my kindness.

My Values

Be kind


Put forth into the world what you want back in return and you will never be let down.

The amount of satisfaction I receive from being a photographer is a reflection of spending beautiful days with my clients.

I'm in love with what I do, nothing brings me more joy than capturing your happiest moments and making them something that will last forever.

exude joy

My Values


My Values

My clients trust me with the happiest days of their lives and I truly take that to heart. 

Moments can never be repeated, a missed photo is a missed memory.
The photo that will hang on your wall for the rest of your life is my utmost priority and my responsibility.

It is my solemn promise to capture the images that will resonate with you forever and to do so in the most respectful way, always honoring my clients wishes.