The Experience of Boudoir

A Boudoir Session with Carmen

 Mrs. J Mrs. J

A session with me is more than just sitting in front of the camera and smiling, we have fun and I capture you being you. The day starts off with the glam squad…. hair and make up and some girl talk. This normally takes about an hour and while you are getting your make up done, I’m picking through outfits and getting some detail shoots.

Telling a story is important because when you go and look back at your photos you have a distinct memory of creating your images. This is you and yes you look amazing!!

After we take the next few shots and I show them to you, ohhh mama!! you are ready for all the follow on poses and shots. I can say that your images are empowering for women but more so for you. You will walk out of your session feeling amazing and with so much more confidence that your going to want to walk out in lingerie!

It is such a beautiful sight to see when my clients fall in love with who they are even more. Women have so many reason why they want to do a boudoir session, from a wedding gift, celebrating your body, or your own birthday gift. I think that all women should enjoy and have a a boudoir experience. You will not regret it.