Planning a Family Photoshoot? Heres a few tips for your session.

Planning for a family photoshoot can be a bit daunting and even hectic if you have a large family, working parents with busy schedules but, it does not have to be that way!! Grandma and Grandpa have been asking for new pictures of you all so you start to planning for your photoshoot. I’ve been a lifestyle portrait photographer for over 10 years and there’s nothing like getting a gazillion emails on what to wear, what location, and what to expect during the shoot. So here are a few tips to consider when planning you family photoshoot.

Tips for the Family

  1. Choose the right photographer and choose carefully. Don’t rely solely on the price because they are going to be the ones interacting with your family and planning your session. Look at their portfolio on the many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, oh and if they have one a website. Ask for recommendations and most important make sure they fit your style. See if they’re willing to meet you and your family in advance to break the ice with their kiddos especially those that are people shy… they will be camera shy.

  2. Location, location, location! Look for the right location and not to mention the time of day. Think of a place that you and you family can navigate to without hassle. If you have little ones or family members with impairments, consider their needs as well. If your in Texas the summer sun is intense mid day so most photographers prefer later in the evening around 6:00pm or so. Some family like to go to the same place every year which is fine and some like to change it up.

  3. Feed the babies!! With smaller kids this is key because they are the first to do the typical toddler freak out during your session. As a mom of 3 kids I’ve had this happen a few times. Do forget to feed the big babies too (typically the spouse LOL). Bringing a little bag of snack won’t hurt a bit.

  4. Picture perfect? Photographers strive to give their clients the own version of PICTURE PERFECT! What do I mean by that, well those pictures you see on websites and banners are all nice and stuff but, you are getting something way more special then that. You are getting the milestones of your kids growing up, their personalities, and their moments of happiness and love. We capture who you really are.

  5. WHAT DO WE WEAR! Start with dressing the hardest person in your household. In my family it’s the baby of the house. He’s is a big “I only wear diapers” fan. Avoid crazy patterns like chevrons, small size plaid shirts, swirls, etc. Combine no more than 4 colors based on the season or special occasions. Think about where in your home you are going to hang your family photos so it goes with your interior decor. I do send a what to wear guide to my clients if they ask and some photographers may have that ready for you. Recently I’v had clients send me their mood boards from Pinterest which has been a success also. Make sure that everyones outfits fits well and that they are comfortable.

6. Confirm the date!! Once the date is set she it to everyones calendar, so there are no surprises. If you are looking for those golden hour shots make sure you’re on time. The window for the golden hour is vary small, so make sure you and your family plan accordingly (getting ready, hair make-up, traffic, etc). Ensure everyone knows how important it is for your family but most importantly have fun!!!

I hope these tips help you in finding the right photographer and get ready for you family photoshoot. The key thing to take away is plan in advance, and have fun during your shoot!!